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Milorad Pavić 

9.24 EUR / 11.55 US$ / 1100.00 din
By the author of the highly acclaimed literary bestseller Dictionary of the Khazars, Landscape Painted with Tea, Milorad Pavić’s novel, is a tale of mysterious quest that is part modern Odyssey and part crossword puzzle. It begins with the story of a brilliant but failed architect in Belgrade and his search for his father, an officer who vanished in Greece during World War II. The truth about his fate – some of it set in motion 2,000 years ago and some of it by the Nazis – is raveled in the history and secrets of Mount Athos, the most ancient of all monasteries, perched atop its inaccessible mountain on the Aegean.

* * *

“I wrote Landscape Painted with Tea employing a favorite and long-known manner of reading which, however, has not been used in literature – the crossword puzzle. The novel can be read down or across, inside it you can find a heroine that falls in love with the reader, and her fate differs depending on whether the reader is male and female.Reading and gender (Jasmina Mihajlović’s term) determines whether the book will have a happy ending, or end in tragedy.

Landscape Painted with Tea or novel for crossword puzzle lovers, actually a crossword-puzzle novel, can be read across (and in that case the emphasis is on the love story) or down (in that case the emphasis is on the characters of the novel). The heroine of the book falls in love with the reader.” Milorad Pavić

Translated from the Serbian by Kristina Pribićević – Zorić

Број страна: 435 стр
Формат: 140x205 мм
Повез: брош
Писмо: латиница, енглески језик

Писац / Аутор: Милорад Павић

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